Webdesign for Ulla Lenzen Butt

I've been commissioned by Ulla a few weeks ago for a portfolio website to present her paintings. Her specific request was for it to be "striking" and "exciting" at the same time, while not drawing away the focus from her work too much. So after some extensive discussions about her idea, and putting in some of my own (including the "eye concept"), we finally arrived at the necessary specifications, and I got a 20% deposit. Being the rebel I am, of course I deviated a bit, resulting in the first version of the site.

I guess she found the fonts and reflective titles a bit too modern, so I went with the fonts on her business card and moved the menu and reflections around a bit, resulting in the second version. The music was a specific wish of hers, but being copyrighted, I solved it through embedding a tiny-sized playlist from Playlist.com (just a tip). Her own web address, hosting her website files, will soon be up and running, looking exactly the same.

If you are interested in having your own unique site designed by me, just drop me a line at vaselli[dot]giorgio[at]gmail[dot]com. A couple of other websites I have designed are the movement's and my own. I am working on another site at the moment, but will try to make time for yours.