Artist Statement

Most of all values, I believe in that of the great Old Masters, who have never failed to strive for technical expertise, whether in color, form, or composition. Yet I consider the achievements of modernists equally significant, in their trials of broadening the fields of abstract invention and expression. I am determined to incorporate their teachings into my way of painting, through an energetic and dynamic view of reality, enriched by the expressivity of abstraction.

I have arrived at a clear preference in my inner visuality, for realism in the abstract and surreal realms. From now on, I plan to depict more truly my view of a very real world existing in the collective human abstract visual imagination. I intend to portray vistas of a visual world where abstraction is genuinely realistic, instead of idealized, orderly, or approximately realistic. In essence, I have become at heart a realist of abstraction and surrealism.

With this newfound idea of "realism in abstraction" or "abstract realism", I primarily want to explore and portray interdimensionality. Via meditation and spontaneous insight, I wish to depict worlds between integral dimensions, and scenes of dimensions superposed.